Track renewal between Høng and Ruds Vedby

Upgrading a local railway 


During the last half of 2016 Aarsleff Rail was tasked with upgrading the single track local railway between Høng and Ruds Vedby on the Lokaltog A/S-line from Tølløse to Slagelse. The upgrade should make it possible to run trains on the entire line, which had been closed between Høng and Ruds Vedby because of an extremely worn track. A replacement bus service handled traffic on the closed down part of the line. The old rails were from 1905 with a weight of 32 kg/m. The new rails have a weight of 60 kg/m.  


Thorough modernisation

The track renewal contract consisted of a complete removal and exchange of sleepers and rails. In total we exchanged 11.800 sleepers and more than 2.000 t new rails on the 7.5 km long line. The track renewal was done with the help from a more than 750 m long specialized track building train. In one pass the track building train removed the old sleepers and rails replacing them with new ones.   

Ballast cleaning was also included in the project. The ballast cleaning train removed debris and earth from the ballast and supplemented with new ballast as needed.  Using a cable plough mounted on a rail vehicle we installed new cables along the line. Before the line was reopened for traffic in mid December 2016 we adjusted and tamped the track, added supplementary ballast and conducted the final works on the track.  


Focus on cooperation

Between 20-40 employees of Aarsleff Rail was deployed on the track renewal project depending on the tasks being undertaken. Everyone was specifically trained to work on the line in addition to their usual railway and machine competences.  With our focus on a constructive dialogue the cooperation with client and subcontractors went smoothly. Neighbours along the railway line also had our attention and we were happy to see a positive cooperation with them as well.


With a modern track on the line between Høng and Ruds Vedby the Lokaltog A/S-line from Tølløse to Slagelse is again an important element in the local public transport system. The track renewal also enabled the trains to run at a higher speed.



  • 7.5 km of track renewal and ballast cleaning
  • 11.800 sleepers
  • 15 km of rail
  • 1 new point installed
  • 18.000 t of new ballast
  • Renewal of 6 road crossings
  • 7.200 m of cable ploughing
  • 1.100 m road bed expansion
  • 3.300 m drainage ditch cleaning



Lokaltog A/S



Aarsleff Rail A/S





Type of contract

Main contract



Rambøll A/S


Construction period

September-December 2016



UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640