Lifts for Metroselskabet

establishment of new LIFTS


To improve the access conditions for three metro stations in Copen­hagen, Aarsleff Rail A/S establishes extra lifts for Metroselskabet I/S. The new lifts are carried out in two contracts, two lifts as a main contract and one lift as a turnkey contract. 

The work which was carried out in a main contract at Nørreport Station and Kongens Nytorv was completed in May and August 2014, respectively. The turnkey contract at Frederiksberg Station is carried out in 2017.


Complete lift system

The new lifts are established by making a hole in the existing station roof and then preparing the roof beams and walls for the installation of the new lift shaft. At the same time, the lift pit is carried out at the existing platforms. Subsequently, the lift shaft is hoisted down through the hole in the roof, and the lifts are installed.

Finally, the paving is reinstated around the lifts and the glass roofs.


Temporary track closure

When the stations were built originally, the establishment of extra lifts was not part of the plan. Consequently, at Nørreport Station several vital cables had to be moved to a temporary construction site enclosure. Subsequently, the cables were moved to a new permanent location after the establishment of the lift.

The conversion of the cables required track closure in both metro tracks.


Focus on safety

All work is carried out at metro stations in operation. This affects the execution of the work because the users’ access to and from the platforms must be taken into consideration. It also meant that the work at Kongens Nytorv initially was postponed for three months to avoid disturbance of the Christmas shopping in the surrounding Copenhagen streets.    

Due to extra focus on safety, numerous risk assessments are carried out, and the work methods are corrected in the making to avoid unintended incidents.



  • Type: Electric, with polyethane-coated steel belt
  • Load: 1,600 kilos/21 passengers
  • Speed: 1.6 m/sec.
  • Meiller two panel central opening glass doors
  • Chair, inside measurements: 1,350 × 2,500 × 2,300 mm
  • Wheelchair-friendly according to EN81-70



Metroselskabet I/S


Type of contract

Main contract: Nørreport and Kongens Nytorv

Turnkey contract: Frederiksberg



Aarsleff Rail A/S



Otis A/S

Ebbes Kleinsmedie A/S





Construction period

September 2013-April 2017

UK / DK contact : +45 8734 3000
: +45 3634 4640