Aarsleff Rail lands exciting

contract in Norway


March 14 Thomas Mollerup, CEO of Aarsleff Rail signed the contract with Norwegian Bane NOR to carry out experimental foundation work and measurements at Minnesund on the railway section Venjar-Langslet north of Oslo. The extension of the line from Oslo to first Hamar and later Lillehammer is part of the InterCity investment in Østlandet. The new track will double the capacity on the line and cut down on travel time.


Head of Aarsleff Rail in Norway Atle Larsen says: "I am very pleased with the contract. It reflects the combined strengths found in the Aarsleff Group". The contract is among the first awarded by Bane NOR on the construction of the new double track to Hamar north of Oslo and the results will make an essential contribution to the planning work on the new railway line. Aarsleff Rail is thus participating from the beginning of this comprehensive project.


"The tendering phase went extremely well, and everyone in the Aarsleff Group did their best to design a good and competitive bid. The tender shows that we are strong when it comes to cooperation on strategic projects. We are looking forward to the job "says Atle Larsen.


The foundation work, measurement and data collection proceeds from April 2017 to April 2018. Aarsleff Rail is tasked with project management and planning, the construction company Østergaard performs all earthworks, while the foundations are the responsibility of Aarsleff Ground Engineering.

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: +45 3634 4640